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    Baetulona Project
The BAETULONA Project!. 100 studios & designers around the world including me will contribute to a 100 meters long canvas which tells the story of the city. The Baetulona will be displayed in different areas of the city of Badaloní. Barcelona, Madrid and Buenos Aires are the next cities where the work will be shown.
Many great artist are involve in this project such as;  Vanilla, Archan Nair,  Tavo, Ars Thanea, Vasava, Alberto Seveso, Studio Kxx, Mopa, Gullherme Marconi, Pietari Posti, Tom Tor, BrandNu, MVM, Destill, Gary Fernandez, Kittozutto and many more. Thank you to Leandro Boido and Martin Rizzo from
Brrothers who had invited me to
contribute for this project.