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    The design and creative process involved with making an infographic.
 A client has an existing infographic that needs re-designing and will have new copy.
The artwork is to show the smartphone habits of Australian and New Zealander shoppers.
I suggest some simple characters acting out some of the scenarios/facts and enlarged facts and figures in bubbles might give it some impact.
I sketch out some ideas and give a small breakdown as to what the illustrations are representing.
Client gives me feed back on the visual and we agree on changes. New copy is supplied, so I have acurate info to work from.
The Main colours the client wants to use are red and a strong blue, I keep these in the new infographic and work on some inbetween colours to compliment them. I also introduce a serif typeface to work with the clients standard fonts. Arial and DIN.
I draw up the icons and try to keep them as flat and simple as possible while still getting the idea across and working as a lead in to the text and facts.
The trendy couple are toned down to be just regular people in their 20-30's
(Luckily client approves)
Once all the illustration and text elements are in place a large jpg is sent to the client for approval.
Client sends feedback with amendments and corrections...
Once the corrections are made to the artwork a new jpg is sent for final approval.
The new artwork is approved and a vector file is delivered ready to go to print!
Design time:        5 days
Revisions:           2
Client response:  "You are too amazing! Thank you so much for all your work on this!"
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