Future Print Club
Creating a better future through print
Future Print Club by Humana Studio and Friends

Formed from a people-centric ethos, Humana created Future Print Club — A project that strives to build a better future through print. With the core value of establishing"a community of creatives that evokes the power of collaborative work to improve the world", Future Print Club is about people coming together to create and design T-shirts for a cause.
Nowadays, the world is a mashup of problems and challenges. This confluence of difficulties that we face every day combined with low awareness of some of them is the premise of Future Print Club. The building of this creative community allows us to combine design and creativity for the benefit of others. This brings visibility to social problems and helps NGOs that fight every day for a better world.
In each Future Print Club season, we invite a set of artists to design a collection of t-shirts. All the artists invited have freedom of creativity by keeping guidelines as open as possible. Artists are free to choose whichever NGO they want to help as long as there’s no overlap.
A t-shirt can spread the word.
This approach makes every collection of tees unique enough to hold their own as standalone designs — crucial for a project where every T-shirt represents a different organization. Besides the uniqueness of each tee, there's something unparalleled. Designing a tee for a cause is a more human experience because it's garments that you wear. This way, people are spreading a message and bring attention to an NGO and social problem. Besides the social cause, environmental responsibility is also present in each campaign we do. That's why we work with a pre-order model, to reduce wastage as much as possible, and each collection is available for only 30 days and all made from 100% organic materials.
Future Print Club has been deftly shining a light on the quiet issues of our society. Since the start of this project, we are proud to have been helping NGOs from around the world that support different causes. It's been thrilling to work together with a creative community on such a timely and meaningful project. Twenty years from now, we want to look back and be proud of who we are and what we accomplish! New seasons are coming on the horizon. Stay tuned!
Future Print Club