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Vico | Brand Identity

Vico is a seamless online platform that gives users access to financial technology. The platform provides users with financial services such as money transfer, investment, open banking with an inclusion of cryptocurrency trading. This is a fast growing brand with its target users as millennials.
The brand logo was developed from the letter 'V' - the first letter of the brand name. In order to communicate technology and modernism, there was a need to include a flexible/curvy feel. All these being considered birthed the logo for Vico.

The brand core values are trust, safety and competence. These values are what users are looking for in a fintech product as the product will be dealing with their finances.
These selected pictures depict the brand core values as well as communicating the brand goals and objectives to its users.

An element was taking from the logo. This element is combined with itself either rotated or inverted to communicate the brand visually to users.

Clash Display is a family of sans serif fonts ranging in different weights. The font family is neo-grotesk in style due to its openings at the edges of the counterforms. Clash Display appeals well to the millennials giving a youthful and classy vibe.

Considering the fact that Vico is a fintech brand, a strong colour that is attached to money/finance is green. A complementary colour that goes well with green is the dark navy blue. They both have a good contrast with each other. Other secondary colours that can be used are well represented below.

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Vico | Brand Identity

Vico | Brand Identity