their faces are blank and empty
thoughts turn inside ...
where the air is without life
the earth is dry
there is no heat
no light
there is a demon's eye
spend a moment alone with me, here
with no others to precede nor follow
no deeper place to go
nothing else
i have sensed its paralysing gaze
reached downwards with eyes closed
an unseen gentle hand
a pinpoint light where there is deep shadow
our stories ... a tiny child feels fear as if it were real
a young woman feels love, her desires are twisting roots
a mother feels compassion pressing against her in her sleep
an old man feels remorse, his blood is like water
(and there is his last breath on the window pane)
silently, each unspoken thought becomes a small ghost
the emptiness is real, waiting for our thoughts to fade
brief glimpses, paths and tunnels
reservoirs of beauty and horror
expressionless angels
we can't wait but we cannot move forward



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