After years of considering my authorial projects only with the careful pondering of its concept, a question occurred to me: couldn't simply photographing points of interest in my surroundings also be a strong concept?

As a photographer I always found appealing the idea of using a reality portraying medium and employing it to design a new world, without pretense, but different some how, a new reality where my stories could gain life. But why not keep it simple once in a while?

Since an early age I felt linked to bygone days, but the passing of time has made me think more about my own past and experiences. How I see reality, how I used to see it, how I've always seen beauty... but also how I molded my work to inadvertently be less personal, to distance my images from where I found comfort in the beginning of my photographic journey. To make myself grow, even when there was no need for it.

Travelling to Copenhagen I found myself wanting to photograph without strings attached, just point and shoot (as much as I could bring myself to). It might be some stage of 'Ethnographic Dazzle' but foggy weather and the beautiful neutral shades of the Nordic skies are mesmerising to me. This experiment began at the top of a hotel window seeing the landscape below and how it's silence made me feel at peace and at home.

It surely is a learning experience, getting back your former eyes, of when you didn't think about concepts, techniques or the viewer. I always created for myself, I thought, but with this project, I realised what I still had to let go to truly see beauty in simple things again. The distancing from a preconceived concept actually provided me with a new vision of self and acceptance of open boundaries in creation.

When I got back home, I realised that this was, in fact, the second series in this project. But that is another story.