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FF Ginger Flamboyant has had a reorganisation and is now a as a stand alone typeface.
FF 66: FF Ginger Flamboyant Reorganisation 
A reorganisation of Jürgen Huber’s FF Ginger has resulted in FF Ginger Flamboyant now being available as a stand alone typeface instead of an OpenType layout feature as before.
FF Ginger Flamboyant consists of Light and Regular, and can add a spark to individual letters and initial capitals, vamping up the plainest of texts.
FF Ginger is an alternative to the widely-used Crillee and Serpentine faces, which are especially popular for their bold italic variants. They express speed and dynamism and are popular choices for internet providers, couriers, service bureaus, etc. FF Ginger’s Light weight and matching icons extend its typographic scope.
About Jürgen Huber
Jürgen Huber, born in 1967, is a professor for typography at the FHTW in Berlin. He studied at the Folkwang Academy in Essen and came to Berlin in 1997 where he designed corporate faces for enterprises as well as fonts for the public as type director at MetaDesign.
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