Fiver, currently submitted for the Raindance Film Festival in London in the autumn.

A crying child asks for help finding a fiver she's lost. But who's fooling whom?
Sedgefield Park
Excerpts from a 30-minute Jane Austen pastiche sitcom pilot I co-wrote and produced.
The wimpish Mr Nancy confronts his old adversary Major Boner.
The Squire's two handymen, Perkins and Grummock, show off their talent for 'pig whispering', encouraging Mr Nancy's recalcitrant boar Percy to romance his own prize sow, Twinkie.
A genteel young lady and her maid assess the charms of the new military hero in the village.
As lovelorn Mr Nancy spies on his adored Jane's high tea with his rival Major Boner, the Squire's handymen get to grips with a little topiary....
Soviet Block
Audio trailer for a sitcom bought by Scottish TV and developed with The Comedy Unit, Glasgowl
Robin's Major Oak
Low budget - and low humour - take on the Robin Hood legend. One of five short episodes written and produced for Respect FM in Nottingham.