VW Eos - Content Hub
Art Direction | Design | Rich-Media Advertising Design
A bespoke VW Eos content hub within the MailOnline Femail channel highlighting the 4 key “Guiltless Pleasure” campaign themes; Travel, Fashion, Food & Beauty. Each theme promoted either an element of the Eos or proposed a situation the car can be enjoyed featuring a “Guiltless Pleasure” Strap Line:   
 Fashion  e.g.  Image of shopping bags in boot of Eos
 Travel e.g.  Glamorous picture of couple  in Eos
 Food e.g. Eos parked outside amazing London restaurant
 Beauty e.g. Glove box full of desirable beauty products

Weekly Competition prizes relate directly to theme of that particular week e.g. Week 1 £250  Debenhams vouchers and serve as one of the main key call-to-action messages in the traffic drivers. The interactive Eos was used to demonstrate the new features for the car. Other prominent elements such as Brochure Requests & Test Drive buttons were used to drive traffic to the VW Eos site.