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    Identity for Ernee Brown
Ernee Brown is a youth minister from Los Baños, Laguna.
Ernee is a superwoman: She graduated from the Philippine Science, and entered the University of the Philippines as an Oblation scholar (Google it). She went on to finish a Chemical Engineering degree as magna cum laude, and then got her license. In ministry school, she was given the academic excellence award. JUST LOOK AT THIS: http://on.fb.me/1fvs6rg
For Ernee’s identity, I went for something that evokes Japanese minimalism. The mark—her initials set in lower case with a couple of squares inside a square (I have a thing for squares)—is made to look like a bento, the Japanese lunch box. 
The colours I chose are also Japan-inspired: a strong Japanese carmine, to represent her fierce passion and excellence for the things that she does, and a rather dainty sakura pink, to represent her heart of service for young people. I also chose the pink to contrast with the austerity of the mark, softening and balancing the look. I opted for a gorgeous sans serif type in all caps.
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