Social KlickSocial Klick is a company that brings your company alive in the world of social media. The goal of the logo for this company was to create something that reflected the style of the client, as well as best serving the mix of fun and business that social media brings to the table. 
The design process for this mark was unlike the process I usually engage in for a logo/branding. It was amazingly quick and precise. During the discovery conversation with the client, I was struck with an idea that I immediately began sketching out. The following day I explained to the client that although I usually don't present work so abruptly in the process, I felt as if I needed to show how I was impacted by the initial conversation. The result was 'Bingo, mark hit.'
After minimal tweaking to this logo and further exploration into other styles and logos, the client remained married to this, and thus it is complete.
Below are different avatar options for different media site profiles.