Work for Falmouth University, BA (Hons) Sustainable Product Design 104 project:
Response to brief for RSA Tomorrow's Workplace; The pen is designed for designers to allow interviews, work with consumers or the user's, and other creative individuals easier involving them in the design process and creating a co-creator consumer/ user. The pen records what is written into a digital format, using the lid as a base point/ transmitter and a flex monitor in the nib to track and record what is written or drawn. The pen can be used in interviews or for environments when laptops are un available whether it be due to space (working whilst traveling for example) or to make interaction with consumers or other individuals more creative ergonomic and human.
The body of the pen is made out of recycled aluminium whilst the grip is cork and the the clip, switch and charger pot are made from bio-polymers. None of the materials are contaminated with other materials or substances, allowing for cradle to cradle at the end of the pens life.