• Ss.
  • 2014
    Tutor: Diamante Beghetto
    Superspaccio Sandrin
    Corporate Identity.
    Sandrin is an historical small shop in a small country near padova where you can buy cold meats, dairy products and vegetables. It was founded in 1956 and was one of the first shops of the country. The strength of this place is that people continue to go grocery shopping here for tradition and for the atmosphere which is homely and people are nice.
    But in the last years, cause the spread of big super market and shopping center, customers decreased. basically this is normal, but it's a shame that lot of people has lost the habit to come here.
    What we made here was to try to give a new, fresh image of Sandrin but even linked to the tradition.

    With this main idea we started from the logotype which recalls a typical slab-font but with some characteristics that make it fresher and more recognizeble.
    After of that, we created the mark which recalls the owner's face profile to strengthen the purpose.

    So using these graphic elements and concepts we create all the new corporate image: stationery, food wrapping paper, flayer, posters, exhibitor, labels, silent seller and website.
    Clients: Sandrin
    Graphic Designer: Elia Pirazzo
    Creative Director: Diamante Beghetto
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