Pole of inaccesibility - Corona Extra
An extraordinary journey with the people that lives in the furthest place from the sea on earth

Close to the furthest place from the sea on earth there is Bulin, a Chinese village. Corona Extra travelled there to accompany seven of their villagers in an extraordinary voyage to Haitanwan beach.

Agency: JWT Spain
Role: interactive art direction / interface design
I worked with: Miguel Bemfica, Jaime Chavarri, Juan García-Escudero, Curro Rubira, Eduardo Battiston, Carlos Laserna, Pilu Delgado, Luciano Firmo, Miguel Donaire, Raul Esteban, David Ruiz.

Design and adv. recognition:
- Gold at "El Ojo de Iberoamérica"
- Gold at "El Sol"
- FWA site of the day
- 2 x Bronze cyberlions in Cannes