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  • [eis] - Web TV Channel

    Tomorrow comes today
  • [eis] is a web TV channel for trends. It explores the newest phenomena in 5 different categories: social life, business, design, technologies and fashion. The channel doesn't just provide news, it analyzes the present in order to forsee the future, hence its slogan: Tomorrow comes today.

    The channel aims at young professionals who would follow the programmes as a leasure activity but also to keep up with the novelties in their fields. Since this type of people rarely have time to watch TV,
    [eis] is going to be transmitted entirely online.

    The name itself derives from the English transcription of the word ace.
    [eis] strives to become a dictionary of contemporary life. This is why its visual identity is inspired by old dictionaries, which get inserted in a next context, thus changing their meaning.

    Today notions are not longer static and defined on paper, they are dynamic and happen on the web.

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