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    illustrations that subvert and criticize the tendency to represent the female body using gender-related characteristics, as poses and gestures.
The picturing of the corpses as if they were alive is a recurring pattern of representation in scientific illustration of human anatomy. This tradition started in the Renaissance and used to follow the postures of ancient Greek sculpture. This trendency lost emphasis or adopted different references derived from socio-cultural changes. Today, the female body is still depicted with gestures and postures that reflect gender characteristics traditionally ascribed to women. They communicate specific appearance models, as well as cultural, religious and social values. The female body is thus gendered and sexualized perpetuating concepts of femininity that may not be a mere reflection of the socio-cultural context but may also be a contribution to reinforce gender hierarchies.
The three illustrations are available for purchase at GALERIA MONA in Lisbon.
Orders are also accepted (please send e-mail to martajmafonso@hotmail.com). 
Shipping worldwide. 
High-quality digital printing on cotton canvas (UV protection) supported with decorative hardwood slats. Fixed with pins on the back. Package in a cardboard tube.
Measures (width x height)
Plate I (The Muscular System) - 93x63cm
Plate II (The Digestive System) - 63x91cm
Plate III (The Respiratory System) - 63x91cm