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    1st Class Lounge Audio Visual Systems
The oneworld lounge was created to offer competitive amenities for first and business class guests through a technology centric lounge.   The use of AV technologies became a key factor for accomplishing this goal. From the main entry and beyond AV technologies are present and blend seamlessly into the clean architectural design. 
Originally the Architect and had envisioned a live jellyfish tank as guests entered the lounge. Space restrictions required an alternative but equally impressive solution.  Theresult is a 3x3 seamless plasma video art display. This became a theme of the lounge with an additional video art display located in the private shower corridor. In addition television displays double as video art when not in use. 
Background music is also an important aspect of the lounge,and the owners were looking for something beyond typical music services. An internet based music server was installed to provide custom themed music for each zone in the lounge.  Each night the server automatically downloads a new selection of audio files to keep the music fresh.
 An additional challenge was faced as the owners requested small flight information displays distributed throughout the lounge.   The solution was a simple distribution of asingle PC video output distributed to 19” displays using Cat5.  However, this did not meet the LAX FIDS specification of large displays each with a dedicated PC.  Diplomatic persuasion by the AV team convinced the LAX IT department that the proposed solution would work.
The owner also turned to the AV team for a number of unique solutions.  One was for a signaling panel used by cleaning staff to notify the host when private showers are ready forthe next guest.  A simple solution utilizing the already designed, AMX control system and 2 keypads was implemented. 
An additional requirement of the owner was a t-coil loop for hearing assistance of the paging system; a phased array system was designed to adequately cover the entire lounge. 

Winner of the 2008 proAV Spotlight Award