Projected Reality Google Maps
Sheffield Creative Map
I always thought that there is so much interactivity with google's street view, earth, maps, places... why cant you just hold your phone lens up to a scene and it show you a google map overlay?

It seems it could be so easy. the data is there of the lat lng's locations of place markers, they have the street view. It could apply to the polygon overlays too showing you the polygon shape perimeters you are entering.

Imagine having this functionality of asking yourself 'where is this little back-of-the-road art book shop?... google says its on this road somewhere...'.

You hold the phone up and rotate 360 degrees and if you're far away its small, move closer and it becomes less faded and bigger.

You could tie-in the sat nav, 'Rotate right 3 degrees', 'stop', 'ahead 200 yards passing starbucks on your right'.

Bring it, as it would work beautifully for the