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Wen dürfen wir essen?

Wen dürfen wir essen? 
A five part documentary series for the German French public TV channel ARTE

'Who we eat?' is the title of this five part documentary series by Jannis Funk and Jakob Schmidt. It is a series that explores the cultural, psychological and ethical foundations of our meat consumption as well as the impact of it on people, animals and our planet.
On behalf of the production company Eschata Film GmbH and together with Nick Böse, the hyperebene Team was responsible for the illustrated 2D animations and the broadcast design of the series. 

Direction and Production: Jannis Funk and Jakob Schmidt – Eschata Film GmbH
Art Direction: Marina Kanzian and Enrico Lummitsch – hyperebene Studio
Illustration: Marina Kanzian
Animation: Enrico Lummitsch and Nick Böse
Sound Design: Alexandros Topalis and Jasmin Lenssen

'Who We Eat' Show Reel ​​​​​​​
'Who We Eat' Intro
'Who We Eat' Alien Sequence
Wen dürfen wir essen?