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    NATFA & Studio Sokerov, part from a Simeon Sokerov's short film "5 times" - Somewhere - artist Viktor Mazhlekov
©NATFA & Studio Sokerov, a framgment from the Simeon Sokerov’s short movie “5 times” – Somewhere – artist Viktor Mazhlekov
For quite some time I’ve had this dream to see my paintings and characters alive in an animated movie. And it was just a happy coincidence that I met Simeon Sokerov. He liked my pictures very much, and he offered that I made the characters and the surroundings for one of the parts of his movie. The movie describes the story of a little girl and her dog, who are on their way to get some ice cream. Its name is “5 times” because the story is told from five different perspectives. The name of the part for which I did the paintings is “Somewhere”.  The music, the script, the 3D-modelling are his, he is as well the movie director.
After I created the characters – the little girl with the dog, the ice cream man, the ice cream cart, the two neighbours and the bus, the fish, and the city in which the story takes place,  I decided to make some oil paintings of these characters. To your left is the painting of the ice cream man for the movie, and to your right is the ice cream cart - an oil painting. This itself lead to the idea of creating a whole series of paintings calledBoba:  
These are the actual paintings for the movie of the the ice cream man and his ice cream cart.