SPAZIO APERTO | Tactical urbanism

thesis / tactical urbanism

October 2020 ― December 2020
In collaboration with Graphic Days and Metropolitan City of Turin 

During 2020, the city of Turin promoted and managed various projects of pedestrianization in the city district of San Salvario, to encourage a more sustainable daily mobility.
However, these projects did not achieve the desired approval by the citizens since they perceived them as limiting for their everyday life (reduction of parking spaces, traffic complication, disuse of the areas).
The area involved in the project were corso Marconi, the main road axis and the most frequented area of the city district. The district of San Salvario is defined not only by a strong multiculturalism but also by an important network of retail activities, restaurants, and nightlife clubs.
Corso Marconi
The project aims to change the perception of pedestrian areas, from spaces dedicated exclusively to transit, to multifunctional places where is possible to perform various new activities. Furthermore, the project wants to engage the citizens in the design process and its future developments.

Indeed, the initial research has been done directly involving the citizens through interviews and co-design sessions. Here some documentation is available (only italian).
As the naming, the whole visual identity, designed starting from the children's chalk drawings made over the asphalt of the street, aims to represent a fluid and free space, open to everyone and every interpretation people want to give it. The colors were chosen from the vibrant hues of the nearby Valentino Park in order to be in contrast with the soft shades characterizing the surrounding architecture and so strengthen the identity of the project.
Whole set of inspiring sentences used to delimit spaces and to suggest uses
The communication strategy aimed to establish a durable and bilateral dialogue with the citizens. An initial teasing phase was planned to generate curiosity and give a preview of the project. During the launch and the maintenance phases social networks were supposed to be the main channel through which to engage citizens via events, assemblies, or interactions on the platform.
Communication strategy 
Neighborhood assembly
Feedback collection
The campaign tried to consolidate the relationship with the citizens in different ways. Periodical neighborhood assembly were planned to collect people feedback and ideas in order to carry on a participatory design approach even after the initial implementation of the project.
Poster promoting a neighborhood assembly
The whole visual identity has been designed to be easily replicated in other areas of the city in need of a tactical urbanism intervention.
The entire project, from the research to the outcomes, has been collected into a dedicated editorial project
A PROJECT IN COLLABORATION WITH: Graphic Days®, Print Club Torino, Quattrolinee, Metropolitan City of Turin.
SUPPORTED BY: Mobility Lab Torino.
PROJECT COORDINATION: Fabio Guida, Ilaria Reposo.
SPECIAL THANKS TO: Giorgia Angelino, Jacopo Boggione, Lorenzo Genta, Elisabetta Molli, Alessandra Morello, Greta Panero, Francesco Nardulli, Michelle Vicari.
SPAZIO APERTO | Tactical urbanism

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SPAZIO APERTO | Tactical urbanism

In 2020, the city of Turin promoted and managed various pedestrianization projects in the city district of San Salvario, to encourage more sustai Read More