An Individual's Choices | Senior Show Project

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  • In the creation of this series of images, I stepped outside of my normal comfort zone. I worked with design techniques I normally do not use to create each of these pieces. This discomfort is reflected in the images, which on the surface are easily recognized. I created images of lungs, a brain and a heart as a private portrait of a particular individual in my life, to portray how choices that individual made not only affected that individual’s life, but the lives of others close to that person, especially me. The relationship of this experience to my illustration of lungs, brain and heart is personal, informed by the life choices one makes that can consume and change the lives of those close to that individual.
    While working on these images, emotions I had once experienced years ago returned to me - feelings of laughter, betrayal, loss, comfort, and countless others. Choices made by this one individual remain in the past, but I realized through this process, that individual’s decisions and the memory of all of those feelings continue to influence me through the decisions I make in my life. 
    Every person we see can have an influence on us. More importantly, the choices and actions of people that we know can have an influence on us. A simple smile while passing can brighten a day, while a judging stare can cause self-consciousness. Some of these influences can remain in our lives and shape who we are. Through this short series of posters I have interpreted the choices of one such individual. The images are not instructive, as the influences remain very personal and private and ultimately only hint at the dark poetry of their origin.
  • This project is a personal creation from Spring 2013 surrouding emotions that had been expereinced and re-lived during the last couple years of my time at University.