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LOGOPACK 2010 - 2011
Selected logos
2010 - 2011
Logo design for
YAW - YouAreWe
VIBE - Logo design - "Le Cirle"(LA) night club full rebranding.
PURED - top quality furniture design
Electrecords - Logo redesign.
Art Directors Club - Bulgaria
Novogorci - Our beloved homeland - meaning "New forest people" - - logo & web design
Board shop in Australia.
New Ideas in the garden! ;) Permaculture and Biodynamics! Learn from Mother Nature! Forever!
Unused logo design proposal for LootNewt online shopping.
Personal Project.
Logo design for Fartt Ltd. - Sofia based suppliers of materials for artists and restorers.
CHERGA - Bulgarian designers group. -
UTOPIA DJ School - Ambigram design for logo -
ARCH Design Studio - Architecture from Sofia, Bulgaria.
Patlajan Logo design - Restaurant in Sofia with the name of Eggplant in bulgarian.
NaturALL HIPHOP festival.
Orfixmedia Logo & Web design -
Logo design for WWF tv program in Holland.
KaldiTrans - Bulgarian transport firm - Logo, Branding & Web design -
AW ambigram - Logo redesign for Dj Alex Wizz.
Graphic Design Studio - Logo redesign.
Logo redesign for a friends generic property inspired by the ideas of Anastasia  - "Izvorche" means "Spring".
Unused Logo design for NLP.
Logo design for CHOSTA Games -
Crown Enterprises Logo design.
EKOZAR literally means EcoDice - it is оnline market for organic foods and home grown fruits & vegetables.
LOGOPACK 2010 - 2011