In Mexico, there are around 300,000 girls who are sold into marriage and although this problem has been legislated,
minors are still being sold in rural areas of the country. This has caused many girls to run away from their "husbands and families" and to be searched and imprisoned by the community police in their towns. For this reason Yo Quiero Yo Puedo, an organization that has been working for years to eradicate child marriage, decided to launch a campaign to make visible this situation, that has not been regulated by Mexican authorities.

On April 29th, International Children's Day, we launched "I´m A Criminal" a film based on the facts told by Mexican journalists Raymundo Pérez Arellano and Fernando Guillén, who on October 18 2021, after an arduous investigation, told the world the heartbreaking and absurd story of Angélica, a girl of only 13 years old, who was persecuted and arrested by the community police of Guerrero, Mexico, for having escaped from her "husband" who bought her for marriage. Thanks to Angelica's story we were able to give visibility to this problem and raise thousands of donations to prevent more girls like her from reaching the altar.

Media.Monks México
Client: Yo Quiero Yo Puedo + Girls Not Brides
Campaign: I'm A Criminal
CCO: Alexis Ospina
Creative Director: Alejandro Tamayo
Art Director: Cristhian Hurtado
Copywriter: Cristian Burgos, Diego Angeles.
Directors: Yupi Segura & Nea Serrano
Production Company: Oriental Films



This project seeks to portray the sad reality that many girls still live in Mexico, who are not only forced to marry but are treated as criminals Read More