A year ago with almost 30 years old, I decided go to school again in order to refine my skills and learn new things. It was an exciting but extremely exhaustive adventure and as I was kept moving forward, responsanilities, homework and external situations lead me (again) to quit pretty much every single project I had at that time (including freelancing, hobbies, etc etc).
After one year I have to say; It definetely worth it, even though I lost some clients, amazing projects, precious moments with my family and even friends, I must say it was a one in a lifetime experience that I´m glad I had the chance to live.
The Black Dynasty started as a some sort of a school project but I brought it into a more personal project just in order to brand myself not just as a designer, but also as a platform to showcase my thoughts and random things I like to do
PLEASE, CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE to a find a deep explanation of the concept.
When I started with the idea of creating TBD the first thing that came up to my mind was old the woodcuts that artists used  to made to illustrate (non exclusively)religious publications back in the days when people had stronger beliefs and convictions about religion.
The whole concept has a satanic connotation that is directly related to my nickname (El Diablo = The Devil) but is also a statement against being politically correct and what people may expect from me as a designer. The upside down cross element stands out that statement more than the satanist or evil meaning that people may assiociate with and I rather think that is a representation of rebellious beliefs and revolutionary ideas.
I was mostly inspired by art, design, *humanure and music. Art of Hedi Xandt, Jeff Simpson, Francesco Albano among other, help me to set up a mood for my own  personal brand.
Being said that, I needed to start from the beginning, I mean, I had to brand myself as el Diablo first to make the concept more cohesive, so I start doing some sketches and structuring a simple concept around the word “Diablo”.
After not too much sketching process (I had very defined in my mind what I wanted) this was the final result; a simple calligraphic styled typography combined with a classic shielded crest symbol.
I made some Typographic choices as well (yes, I´ve picked “Arial Narrow”)  ;)
And some colo… well, just a greyscale tone set and texture selection.
I´ve updated my resume, my invoice style and business cards too.
I love the idea of creating a monogram for the firs letters of TBD, and I think a little bit more complex symbol it could be a nice balance between the Diablo crest symbol and TBD monogram, again, the idea came up quite fast without many sketching process.
Shaded version detail
Flat version
Now it was time to start the sketching process of what I wanted to represent for TBD. I came up with the idea of using  the *unholly trinity concept and switch each definition for something that made sense with the type of work that I do as a designer. I took 3 main areas of my expertise and use them to define my own “unholly trinity”. I still wanted to use the original concept of the unholly trinity to justify the elements that I was about to illustrate.
Serpent = Satan = Branding 
Goat = Antichrist = Motion
Bat Falcon = False prophet = Illustration
After getting the idea of what I wanted already, I added a few elements related to witchcraft, sorcery and esotericism.
I´ve created a branding package and some awesome additional items to sell myself as the all mighty king of daaaarkness muahahahaha!
Yes, Punks from 1985 think The Black Dynasty is awesome