Funny Creatures Parade
Funny Creatures Parade was my final year project in my BA of Graphic Design coursed in the Superior School of Arts of the Principality of Asturias (ESAPA).
As a personal project without too many restrictions I wanted to create a brand of wacky and funny characters from which I could develop a full range of merchandising items and products. The main elements of this project were designing a cool brand geared towards children from 6 to 12 years and a full range of products with their own packaging style guide.
Funny Creatures Parade aesthetic is heavily influenced by japanese anime, kawaii and US cartoon style. Outstanding colors and thick outlines make these characters be a lot eye-catching and really amusing for kids. Packaging was also designed taking into account these guide lines creating stunning graphics and colorful shapes.
Here you can find some pictures of relevant material such as logos, characters, icons, products and the different types of packaging for the merchandising.
Funny Creatures Parade main cover picture
Full-color version of Funny Creatures Parade logo
Other versions of the logo in one color
Character style sheet of the main character of Funny Creatures Parade
Other funny characters who accompany the main one
Icon set of Funny Creatures Parade based on space themed elements
Media icon set for website and video player
Some seamless tiles and patterns that can be used as ornaments in different elements
Frame design in different sizes fo fit requirements of each kind of packaging
Main Background of Funny Creatures Parade style guide
Secondary Background of Funny Creatures Parade style guide
Funny Creatures Parade Illustrated background
Packaging style guide: Window box
Packaging style guide: Hang tag
Packaging style guide: Display
Packaging style guide: Blister pack
Packaging style guide: DVD box
Packaging style guide: DVD covers
Packaging style guide: Headercard (rotated)
Previews of  blisted pack, display and window box
Merchandising and product design: T-shirts
Merchandising and product design: Umbrellas
Merchandising and product design: Static kites
Preview of an advertisement design
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Funny Creatures Parade

Funny Creatures Parade

Funny Creatures Parade was my final year project in my BA of Graphic Design taken in the Superior School of Arts of the Principality of Asturias Read More


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