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    Personal branding and portfolio 2013
T H E  3 D ' s 
It starts with a simple thought. Everyone is creative. It is a common misconception that creativity is a special talent that only certain people have such as painters, designers, or writers. The real truth about creativity is that anyone is capable of being creative. Creativity can be expressed in various ways. 
To express this thought of creativity, selected design and illustration works are displayed in my personal portfolio. The portfolio is split into three categories; Illustration, Design, and 3D & Packaging.
These categories are different forms of communication design.
So what's with the 3D's?
Draw, Design, Do. Three words that can motivate anyone who aspires to be an active creative individual. The order that the three words are placed in can also represent the process of design/creating. 
Draw (Illustrations)
Design (Commercial and various design) .
Do (3d & packaging)