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    A collection of images representing photographic retouching and manipulations.
By Chris Fry

Synergy is a on going project.  It was started in 2013 at the College For Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan  What started as my senior thesis project has blossomed into a obsession and love for creative retouching and photo editing.  Although the project was displayed in a fine art kind of look, the main purpose of the work was to demonstrate my skills and  techniques with Photoshop.
The project took many different images, and composited them together using Photoshop.  I wanted to take ordinary pictures, of common things we see everyday, and combine them together to create situations and environments that become surreal, dreamlike, and sometimes impossible.  This work allowed my brain to express itself in a manner which real life does not.
Links to process albums can be found in the captions.
Emerging Path
Insomniac's Dream
Pop-Up Life

Eye of the Peacock
Leap of Fear