The concept of this design revolves around, japanese playing cards. They have been redesigned and westernised to help people understand the game more. They illustrations are inspired by japanese sum-e wash painting, incorporating the far eastern element of them. 

The card game design was chosen so people can relax and enjoy a game while drinking beer. Or play drinking games with them. 
Using the symbols from the cards, a wrap design for the beer bottle was created. Inspired by japanese sake bottle wraps. The typeface for tiger was changed to give it a more far eastern look. Although under the wrapping the same original beer bottle packaging has been used for recognition. Each wrap has a different pattern according to each of the suits (months) in the card game.
A calendar has been created as a bit of merchendising since the card game focusses on suits made from each month in the year. 

The calendar uses the same imagery as displayed in each card suit. The animal in january suit has been used on the january calendar page, and so on. 

This wall hanging calendar format was chosen to resemble the japanese parchment wall hangings, since they come in this shape, and the symbols and writing has been displayed in this way, similar to japanese scripture writing.