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    logo and packaging designs for the homemade sweet shop company ‘sweets in every fold’

The logo type ‘sweets’ has been drawn in a needle point style type, holding onto its old fashioned values of home made sweets, also The shape of the logo has been made into a house to show this as well. 

Since the logo holds the old fashioned values which are trying to be shown, the stationary has been made really simple, too look more modern and 
Gift hamper, created into a house shape re-invoking the home made aspect of the store, and also fitting with the style and shape of the logo. Customers can choose 5 different sweet boxes to put in, as a gift for loved ones. 
3 different packaging designs Have been created. Keeping the identity simple has allowed the design elements to work across a range of packaging shapes and sizes. 

1 for boiled sweets - plastic bag container with a wrap around resembling a house shape. 

1 for compote - jar designs,

and another for vanity puffs. Simple box with a wrap around element. 

Each packaging design uses different colours to represent the flavours, with one colour running throughout to hold them all together as a set (same colour used on stationary)