Resilience Manifesto
Caserne & Cath Laporte

As the agricultural season takes root, the Family Farmers Network takes a stand and releases a manifesto. Entitled Resilience manifesto, it promotes eco-friendly, sustainable, collective Quebec agriculture. Written by Elisabeth Cardin, the manifesto includes several ambitious and hopeful demands. Among them: the multiplication of human-scaled local farms; educative agricultural initiatives; and most of all, the implantation of government measures to facilitate this important agricultural revolution. Family farmers raise their voices to remind everyone that agriculture is essential, and that we must take an interest in it in order to make informed decisions. 

Illustrations : Catherine Laporte       Wild posting photos : Alex Blouin & Jodi Heartz       Newspaper photos : Marianne Isabelle      
Creative Coding : Michaël Garcia       Account Director : Amélie St-Cyr