REuse, REthink, REcycle // CAMPAIGN CONCEPT
My idea for this campaign was to raise awareness around the fact that we humans pollute a lot. Plastic would be fine it wherent for us humans throwing it all over the place. But how much pollution is needed before we actually open our eyes and start doing something about the problem? I'm trying to illustrate this problem by putting plastic bags into everyday items and situations so that they block the view of whatever the audience is trying to watch, read or use. In this way making the story, the magasine article, the Youtube video, or the busshelter useless and therefore making the plastic bag affect the audience directly. When the audience sees this they will most likely be irritated that they didnít get to see/read what they had started or they will have to stand out in the rain when the whole bus shelter is covered in plastic and get wet. I belive this will make the audience remeber the advertisment better when it affects them directly.

The (fictive) company that are running the commercials is called REuse, REthink, REcycle. This term is not new but it is a strong and catchy statement that is easy to remember and easy to follow. This term including more "RE-words" was first used by the European Union in 2008 to create a waste hierarchy to illustrate what measures of disposing of trash harms the environment the least.

For the logo i made a plastic bag out of triangles, the triangles can in one way resemble the wrinkles that plastic bags get after they are used. In more depth it resembles the fact that plastic bags dissolve into smaller pieces when they break down. The logo is not supposed to make you think plastic bags are bad and that you should stop using them. It is instead promoting three ideas which will reduce the impact the plastic bags you use have on the environment. The colors of the text are of course the same as the symbol but they also show a hierarchy of what is most helpful. Both with the colors and the slight pyramid like shape of the text.

Remember this is just a concept ment to illustrate the idea, hence why the mockups or not top quality.​​​​​​​ Thanks for watching!