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    Landwaste is a prestigious company, garbage collector, with short time on the market in the city of Monterrey and its metropolitan area. 

    Landwaste approach us, looking for a redesign of their brand. Our proposal was to create a modern, visual, clean 
    and sober concept. 
    The icon reflects the world covered by a tree leaf, meaning “Protecting our world”. The three lines represent the tropics of planet Earth and
    the parallel axes. 
    The color is a green gradient, making reference to ecology, since one of the main objectives and mission Landwaste is caring of is nature and recycling.

    Typography required to fit in our concepts of soberness and cleanliness, so Akzidenz Grotesk was chosen.

    Stationery was designed within a grid system, so data
    and information were laid out in a clean way, and thus the concept of Landwaste respected.

    Like stationery, the web page was designed with the grid system, distributing images and text in a mosaic-like way, being clear and concise with the information they show so that it will help the user in its navigation. 
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