Claire Pederson: Logo system, Resume Workshop Poster, Found Photo Workshop Poster, Toy Engineering Workshop Poster, Black Poster 8, Black Poster 9, Countdown Tearsheet Poster Bundle, Bag.
Sydney Goldstein: Logo system, Full Calendar, Perspective Type Mural, 3D Perspective Poster, Drop Cap Battle Poster, Business Cards, Letterhead,
Black Poster 1, Black Poster 5.
Lexi Griffith: Logo system, Design Week Party Poster, Letterhead, Black Poster 6, Black Poster 10.
Katie Whiteman: Blitz Event Poster, Exhibition Structure Poster, Under Armour Poster, T-shirt, Black Posters.
Lori Novak: Scavenge Challenge Poster, Drink Tickets Black Poster 3, Black Poster 7.
John Reynolds: Promo Video, Closing Party Video.
Patrick Blanchard: Design Film Series Poster, Design Thinking Poster, Black Poster 2, Black Poster 4.
Special Thanks To:
Lucas Nelson, Allie Welch, and Claire Zimmerman for designing the buttons.
Award: National Student Show, Best Group Project
Award: A10 Jurors Choice
Award: Flux Design Awards, Identity Category Winner
Award: 2015 AAF-KC ADDYS Gold Award Winner
Award: Creative Summit: Coveted Memorial Ralph