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    Nelson Fernandes aka Zina Caramelo brand is a contemporary approach based in a simple and poetic logic.

Nelson Fernandes
aka Zina Caramelo
Logo + Website
About the Logo
Nelson Fernandes aka Zina Caramelo logo is a contemporary approach based in a simple and poetic logic. 
The aim of this construction is to achieve a comprehensive design, applicable to all relevant media.
The development of a brand new "alphabetic" symbol - the visual key of the artist's identity – represents a new way of expression.
The result arises from the fusion between his name (Nelson) and his artistic name (Zina), gathered by the first letter.
Nelson (Fernandes) + Zina (Caramelo) = N & Z
About the website
The online platform provides a space where Nelson Fernandes exposes his work, from animations to paintings.
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Complete Alphabet 
N  E  L  S  O  N      A   K   A      Z  I  N  A

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About Nelson Fernandes/Zina Caramelo
Nelson Fernandes aka Zina Caramelo was born in Marvão (Portugal), 23 January 1979. He is a portuguese multi-awarded artist.

Since 2000, he has been developing his work in a series of fields such as video, cinema of animation, photography, painting and illustration. From 2002 to 2009, he collaborated in the international festival of young cinema IMAGO, in Fundão, Portugal, as a production assistant, programmer and film selector. Since 2002, he has worked as co-director in animation cinema workshops with children and youngsters from schools all over the country. After eight years of intense activity and professional development, he has decided to extend his knowledge taking the Integral Animation Techniques course (2D, 3D, Stop-Motion) and a Stop-Motion Master in which he directed the film: El Castigo (The Punishment).

In 2013, among other works, Nelson Fernandes developed his lastest animation “Paths of Light”.

Nelson Fernandes aka Zina Caramelo work sample
"Felids I, II, III, IV, V & VI"
Visit Nelson Fernandes/Zina Caramelo website at
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