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    Freitag 24.09.93, Die Naturkatastrophe im Oberwallis
Freitag 24.09.93
Die Naturkatastrophe im Oberwallis

A project assignment was to create a book inspired by a special place or happening in Switzerland which we chose at the first lesson. I decided for a town Brig in the Oberwallis region where one of the biggest natural disaster in swiss history happend. I made a research (gathered meteorological datas, photo documentation, visited the newspapers archive etc.). Finally I worked with the press photos from the book "Freitag 24.9.93,
Die Naturkatastrophe im Oberwallis". Then I splitted pictures into two pars. At the beginning of the book you can see an usual urban scenes. View of the town depends on the water level. Then are following second parts of the pictures (pictures of disaster). You can still compare normal view of the town and view of the disaster because a book is not bound.
Led by Valentin Hindermann
Bern, 2011