2010 ~ 2013
World Startled By Lightning
A sudden flash of light cracks
night’s dark nut .
Life’s impossible completeness
explodes in a moment of time.
Frozen in the eye .
Lasting only moments longer
than the light that revealed it.
A vision indelible
as long as memory.
Kuching May 2010
A Smoking
Not A Burning
If Bridges are the Kindling
For a Bonfire Year
If Dilemmas are the Dogs
Who stand and just stare
If Night’s end and beginning
Is the Cocks’ call to Prayer
If Hope falls like the Rain
Over here ~ not there
If the Forest’s dark green
Infuses Earth Stone and Air
If  Clouds are the Palette
For something so rare
If this Dream’s not just Smoke
But a World we can share
Stranger take Root if you can
Take hold if you dare
Kuching November 2011
This Island Me.
The Day before the Night to come
That Dark without a Light to Home
The Sea without an edge to reach
This Island Me without a beach.
I have run close to those drear Winds of Strife
Crossing over seventy storm tossed years of life,
Till finding rest in gentle shelter’s balmy ease
Neath cloud strewn skies greenly fringed by trees.
Clamorous viridian forest around, surrounds
Me in a hermit’s cell, that knows no bounds.
My tireless drum’s throb once quietly heard,
Now drowns puny cries from the beastly herd.
At peace a resting heart alone embraces hope
Attending to Heaven by a twisting fakir’s rope,
Seeking blissful bliss, love’s eternity without
Pride’s parasite; the curse of gnawing doubt.
As Night denies each Day, so the Sun also rises
I live clinging to Life's lie and all it comprises.
The Cockerel says Now! Awaken! Then sleep!
A compact eternal we are bound both to keep.
This heart’s Caravel journeys Night’s inky seas
Sails tautly full, traversing Doubt’s surly reefs,
Where no Light shows a way safe to be sailed,
This Soul’s beacon guide has never yet failed.
The Cockerel’s yea cries, are Love’s lonely song
Challenging; chiding this dull bollard along,
To come forth, to be First into Day’s true dawn;
Into Life! Out of Darkness! Every day~Reborn!
The Day before the Night to come
That Dark without a Light to Home
The Sea without an edge to reach
This Island Me without a beach.
Kuching December 2012
A gentle serpent nests in the why of my heart
A year of rain ~ quickly quenching and soon gone. 
A year of blossom ~ ejaculating each papaya dawn.
A year of  fleeced blue sky ~ each sun-ruled day reborn.
A year of peace to hold ~ a year I’m not alone.
A year of life ~ a banquet set to please a self unknown. 
A year of hope ~ husbanding seeds to be grown.
Time passes, winding slowly through wet evening air. 
Finding the sanctuary it seeks, a nesting serpent lair.
Darkness my comfort dispels daylight’s basilisk stare. 
As serpentine meanderings unfold; a diurnal prayer.
Time’s wind, tripping not easily, strips illusion bare. 
A gentle boa abides aloof, awaiting its chance to snare.
Another time, in other faces, behind a moon lit masque. 
Lust resonates, expanding beyond it’s brazen casque.
Quickly draining the sweet why of our being’s sad flask,
My serpent stays fascinated, in its quaestor’s task.
It’s darkest urge to answer all the questions life will ask,
To savour Being’s riddle in a cooling day’s brief dusk?  
AFW Kuching December 2013


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