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Under Twenty - Brand Identity, Packaging Design

Under Twenty
Brand experience Development
March 2021

Established in 2019, Dr Irena Eris launched a sub-brand called 'Under Twenty' to specifically address the skincare concerns of Gen Z—with a particular focus on teenage girls with acne.

Under Twenty boasts a bright and splashy identity, with three main colors that are used to differentiate its product lines. While daily care products can easily be recognized in their teal-colored tubes, Under Twenty created an entire cleansing series for special tasks in red. Outside of the skincare solutions it offers, the brand also delivers makeup products—like a mattifying, antibacterial BB cream—in light pink packaging.

Concept of rebranding for Under Twenty (U20) cosmetic brand focused on anti-acne care and prevention. We've decided to simplify brand communication by using modern typography, clean layouts and natural photography and video. The illustrations on the packaging are based on the ingredients of the product. In a simple, symbolic way they reflect the natural ingredients used in the production of Under Twenty cosmetics.

Visual Development
Creating the Logo

With the brand's targeting, positioning, and core values defined, the project team proceeded to the first step of visual development: recreating the logo for the business. Based on the results from the earlier phase, the project team decided to use a serif typeface as the base for the type mark. By alternating between hairline strokes and thick strokes, as well as combining basic geometrical shapes, the project team succeeded in creating an elegant logo that's not only recognizable but also personifies the idea of the founder.

Outdoor Presence

To ensure that Under Twenty could maintain a consistent image throughout all touch points, including both digital and analog touch points, the project team also defined a clear marketing guideline for Under Twenty. The defined guidelines shows clear rules regarding the type of imagery, messages, and tone of voice to be used when communicating with customers.

Under Twenty - Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Under Twenty - Brand Identity, Packaging Design