'Horse in the Metaverse' by SXEMA team

'Neon Ruins' 
is an abandoned world where robotic assistants still function 
and perform their duties thanks to impeccable algorithms.

by @pvkh3d

'Planet 2.5.0'
is a walk on an unfamiliar planet, where all living beings have recently moved, fleeing from earthly cataclysms. 
The long journey of the Horse Sirius, who meets on his way
a lot of unknown objects and phenomena, but not a single person.

by @Leori

'Long way' 
is a long thorny path of a horse that has traveled a considerable distance 
in search of a bright future, and this is only the middle of its path.

by @graplss

You love sweet candies, and horses that you can mix it all together. 
A world where everything is sweet and everyone is nonfet, even horses.

by @Dollskills

'Walking through the Galaxy' 
is a legendary hologram horse that appears in different systems of the Milky Way on space stations. 
No one is sure whether this is someone's program or a creature from the warp.

by @pvkh3d

'Stranger horsE'
Each person has their own "backside". 
Our world has a backside. 
The accumulation of evil in a gloomy cold place. 
Lonely horse is looking for his way. His way out into a bright and kind world.

by @fvckmatix

The Soviet Union did not collapse and chose a technogenic path of development. 
Unfortunately, this did not help him and the whole world to avoid the Third World War. 
The achievements of Soviet scientists remained useless to anyone, 
and nature began to take away what was rightfully hers, finding a new beginning in the biotechnological post-apocalypse.

by @kirillchirkov

'In Kelpie's world'
In Scottish folklore the Kelpie is a water spirit described as powerful 
and gorgeous horse inhabiting the deep pools of rivers. 
It uses its enchantment and songs to prey on any human it encounters.

by @svetaveva

Inspired by Francoise Gamma.

by @abramovskiy

A goddess in her complicated feminine world.

by @mihaipanae

'Individuality, symbolism'
The work embodies the uniqueness of a living being, conveying the beautiful side of our lives.

by @karenartyan

'The digital ghost of a horse'
Imagine that every creature when it dies in the real world, 
their souls gets into the virtual one, where it can exist aimlessly and endlessly.

by @egorpomidorka

'Horsemen of the Apocalypse'
The work is dedicated to the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, embodied in the image of one beautiful girl. 
The Horsemen symbolize Righteousness and Conquest, War, Famine and Death. 
In mythology, it is believed that they are harbingers of the End of the World, 
which will bring destruction and emptiness, or liberation and a new beginning.

In a megapolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modifications 
the only way to immortality is full cyberware body for all kind of form.

by @kirilluru


art zone
All the works were shown as part of a physical exhibition at the Ivanovo Pole Festival in the Art zone.
Digital arts are available for purchase as an NFT on the SXEMA Foundation.
'Horse in the Metaverse' by SXEMA team

'Horse in the Metaverse' by SXEMA team

Horse in the Metaverse SXEMA team x Ivanovo Pole Festival The project created for the large-scale International festival Ivanovo Pole. This year Read More