Fulton Street Transit Center, New York, NY
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    Wayfinding and Customer Information Systems Study
Fulton Street Transit Center
Study Wayfinding and Customer Information Systems 
The primary goal of this study was to research and present methods in which to complement the natural wayfinding aspects of the Fulton Street Transit Center, FSTC, and its architecture. The report reflects a renewed effort in understanding the multitude of customer types who will use the FSTC, their needs, the level of information required, and an appropriate system in which to present that information.

The study produced concept and design guidelines for layout of wayfinding and other customer information features during the Preliminary Engineering phase that will enable the features to be integrated and developed within the Final Design phase. Considerations include: fixed signage; electronic signage including intermodal and other customer information displays; PA system zones; Help Point Intercoms (HPI); Information Kiosks; Station Service Centers; and other wayfinding and environmental graphics features, such as finishes, colors and lighting.

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