Making fitness a lifestyle, not just a sport.
Gymboost is a community for trainees, where they get inspired and take action not only to get in shape but to spread a healthy lifestyle everyone can adopt to their day-to-day lives.

A place where there are no more bodybuilding myths. To change these mindsets, we will need continuous education and coaching.
Gymboost believes real improvement comes from long-term plans requiring habits and behavior changes. Focusing only on results will lead to burnout and giving up because it takes time. That's why Gymboost confirms the importance of progress and minor improvements, and giving guides and tips is not enough. It's all about explaining how it works to help people make their own decisions.

Why change, and why now?
Research and analysis showed that 80% of the current community is male. The rest is 20% females, and Gymboost believes fitness is for everyone. With a community of over 4 million and continuous growth, they have set new objectives starting with building a mobile application that will provide the community with guidance through science-based recommendations and online coaching and reach more females.

Redefining the brand.
Beyond the complexities of creating a simple, flexible brand identity system, there was a core challenge to solve: to redefine and reposition Gymboost as a fitness brand for both men and women.

Rethinking everything from scratch.
Working side by side with Gymboost's CEO to rethink everything from scratch, reposition the brand so it can relate to both men and women, and create a cohesive brand identity system that is flexible to work primarily in the digital world, extending to the real world. The new brand needs to stand out from the generic, usual, bold, and masculine gym/fitness brands.

Starting with the brand-face/brandmark.
To capture the core essence of Gymboost, we designed a balanced, simple wordmark featuring three dynamic moving forward lines symbolizing progression and the community of Gymboost, which it is all about.

Translating everything into a visual language.​​​​​.
Integrating the three lines with inspiring and realistic photos, youthful, vibrant colors, an energetic typeface, and a progress-driven tone of voice, we developed a verbal and visual language that inspires and motivates people to adopt fitness as a lifestyle. The new visual identity communicates everything Gymboost is about and stands for: fitness for everyone & progression never stops.

Client’s testimonial
What made me choose Yassine among the 12 other candidates is his deep understanding of his profession, and with such a high level of empathy, he made me realize that he could understand my audience. Indeed, the results were amazing!
Mostafa Ibnelkhattab—CEO at Gymboost

Design & Art Direction —
Brand & Packaging Designer
Yassine Basraoui / Basraoui™ Studio

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Making fitness a lifestyle, not just a sport. Gymboost is a community for trainees, where they get inspired and take action not only to get in sh Read More