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Clippd: Every Player, Every Shot. Understood.

Every player. Every shot. Understood.

Clippd is a powerful new performance platform for golfers and golf coaches. It allows users to input and connect their golf data to get a high-resolution picture of their game and understand where they need to focus to get better. In addition to that, Clippd allows golfers of all abilities to share their practice sessions and rounds of golf with their coaches and friends, celebrating their moments of brilliance on the golf course.

The Clippd team have developed two powerful new golf metrics: Shot Quality and Player Quality. Shot Quality measures every shot – both on-course and off-course – while Player Quality shows a golfer's current skill level. As the Clippd AI learns more about the player, the insights become deeper and more personalised.

The design team at Clippd have spent two years designing the product from scratch, based on ongoing user research and testing with elite golf coaches and players. Working with our incredibly talented team of data scientists and software engineers, we have built a sophisticated tool that allows golfers to discover unique new insights about their game. Our design goal has been to make those insights clear, compelling and beautiful. The product aims to provide clear decision-making for golfers who ultimately wish to improve their score and focus their practice between rounds.

Clippd: Every Player, Every Shot. Understood.