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    An architectural 3D projection
Urban Reflex
An Architectural 3D Projection
Apparati Effimeri, are the first Italian artists invited to take part at the Glow festival of Eindhoven, an important international forum that, since 2006, bring together performers and artists who, through their works, tackle somehow the theme of light.
Urban Reflex focuses on the dynamics of this constant growing city, using the display of the NRE building and the little pond in front of it.
Inspired by the construction sites and by the experimental shapes ever-present in this “raising city”, Apparati Effimeri increase the rhythm of the performance, creating sound breakings and visual interruptions and especially by playing with the presence of water, an element strongly linked to the very identity of the Dutch people.
Glow Festival International Forum of Light in Art and Architecture
Eindhoven, Nederlands
sound design:
Be Invisible Now!