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    Campaign picture for Pack Belgium
"The last sunny day..."
So here is the briefing we received: "make nice pictures of 6 agricultural machine".
Problem, no, not a problem, just a difficulty: you have to shoot it in one day, not possible to get the machines longer
Problem, summer is almost done, weather is unstable...
Agency: Gutz & Glory
Art Director: Didier Naert & Hendrik Holderick
Client: Packo Belgium
So... Here we go ! Lest's have a look to thoses machines
Ok... It's not won in advance :-)
And here is the moodboard from the Art Director... a bit challenging !
Step 1 - Find the location and track the light
Thanks to app's !
Step 2 - The shooting day !
No luck, cloudy day. Not a problem, we bring the sun with us and an generator :) And hopefully we have machines to carry it... and to play like children :)
So let's shoot and shoot !
Step 3 - Selection and retouching
And here is what we have done...
Larger pictures on our website:
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