The Seatbelt

The Seatbelt
Client CC Energy Development
Agency Photon

Production Octagonz Studio
Animation Direction Ahmed Maghrabi
Storyboard Nada Mostafa
Illustration Hagar Hany
Traditional Animation
Hadeer Bakry
Amira Zayed
Motion Graphics
Mahmoud Morsy
Ahmed Adel
Voice-Over Shimaa Taha
Sound Design Mohamed Elsayed

Special thanks to Afnan Mourad

Around 50% of all deadly traffic accidents could have been avoided be simply using the most important safety feature in vehicles, THE SEATBELT.
Your Safety and others is your responsibility.

Thank you.
We're really grateful and proud of this project
We believe that with your trust, there is still much more successful projects to come.

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The Seatbelt

The Seatbelt

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