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Fusion Vegas Website

FusionVegas is a local creative agency that creates high-performance, unique design, responsive websites. They are the leading digital marketing agency in Las Vegas, whose state-of-the-art services have tailored dozens of leading brands. With the new brand, they needed a new website that shows everything they do.

At this step, we understand the targeted audience. What they do, how they think, and what they want can help you empathize with them and understand their perspectives. Creating a user-centric solution is essential.

Local businesses, people in the tech niche, and entrepreneurs are the most interested in their services.
Their current website didn't show their quality of work at all. Have you ever heard the expression "The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot"? Well, that's the case here. While selling a responsive, user-friendly website service, their website isn't intuitive at all. The buttons were made with .PNG files, the colors didn't provide the necessary contrast, the brand wasn't consistently applied, and many good design practices weren't present. Their current website performance was deficient too.
Now any idea is welcome, and quantity is better than quality. Searching for references and talking to others can help us think about how the solutions should be, share ideas, mix and remix, building on direct and indirect references until we have a good amount of content to start the creation process.

A wireframe is a blueprint or schematic that helps communicate the interface's structure.
This is a part of the first wireframe. That's how the header of the homepage was planned.

This is where ideas come to life. The purpose of the prototype is to validate the previous step's opinions and create tangible and tactile representations that meet the targeted audience's needs.

This is the final version of the header, using good catchphrases and a representation of a mobile-friendly interface.

You can check below some other interfaces we created after wireframing. These cards represent their services, consistently using their new brand and providing links to learn more and get a quote.
We also created a section where they can show their new video and portfolio.
This is an interactive section where the users can see their services and use the call button since many leads prefer to call.

This is an example of how a section was simultaneously created for desktop and mobile.
Proving the value of their services is always important. That's why we created a few sections just for that.

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Fusion Vegas Website


Fusion Vegas Website



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