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    Ivory Soap Rebrand
The goal here was to give a new look to the Ivory soap brand by completely overhauling the look of the existing packaging. In research the packaging history throughout the Ivory soap line, it is very clear the stylistic turns have been quite varied from their late-1800s vintage packaging to the most recent rebranding which maintains their values of "Clean, Simple, Pure" with a minimalistic approach. Here, I took the route of imagining an alternate story line for which the popular soap company has the misfortune of facing bankruptcy and is later bought by a smaller Union owned company located in the Mid-West (when given complete fictional freedom, why not!). This new packaging rebranding refers back to the victorian style early packaging but is updated to the modern consumer. The approach was to have a bold package that the consumer would be attracted to on the shelf, but increases its salability to not just the grocery or drugstore, effectively increasing its marketability to boutiques and other similar small shops. In reflecting its new Union made ownership a sense of craft and design are made visually clear.