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    Illustrations inspired by movies, tv shows, video games, books, music, etc. All designs created by SteveOramA.
Illustrations inspired by movies, tv shows, video games, books, music, etc. All designs created by SteveOramA.
The painter depicted in this design is none other than the man, the legend, and the inspiration known as Bob Ross. | ThEarlYears | http://society6.com/SteveOramA/ThEarlYears_Print
This is the follow-up to my design, ThEarlYears. This is the other side of the coin. | UnHappy Trees | http://society6.com/SteveOramA/UnHappy-Trees_Print
I like turtles, especially one that trains to become a ninja! | Hero In A Half Shell | http://society6.com/SteveOramA/Hero-In-A-Half-Shell_Print
The chase is on! | Campfire Snack Attack | http://bit.ly/staypuftman
After Godzilla destroys an entire city he likes to chow down on a double cheeseburger, just like the rest of us. | Monster Craving | http://bit.ly/godzillaburger
He finally escaped all the paparazzi for a much needed break from the spotlight. | Bigfoot On Vacation | http://bit.ly/bigfootvaca
Ever wonder why he goes after people with an axe? It's because he loves nature so much! He would never chop down a tree. | Tree Hugger | http://bit.ly/nicejason
The famous first line of the classic book, Moby Dick, comes to life in this illuminated manuscript. | Call Me Ishmael | http://society6.com/SteveOramA/Call-me-Ishmael-G5t_Print
A nod to classic video games that we all grew up playing and thinking we were better than everyone else. | Get On My Level | http://bit.ly/mariolevel
...Three, Four, better lock your door… 
Now you can't even count sheep without him sneaking into your dreams. | http://society6.com/SteveOramA/Counting-Sheep-gIc_Print
This is a parody for a band that was kind of popular in the early 90s. You may have heard of them. If you are confused then this isn't for you. | Grungy | http://bit.ly/grungyart
They should really teach grammar betterer in school these days! | Grammar Police 1 | http://bit.ly/grammarpd1

This little guy was banned from the periodic table for sneaking up on all of the other elements. What a bunch of party poopers! http://bit.ly/ahsurprise
This is my tribute to the coolest bus driver dude in all of Springfield. | School's Out | http://bit.ly/ottoblotto
Ohh… Who lives in a Taco Bell under the sea? | TacoBob | http://bit.ly/tacoschmaco
Just feed him pellets and let him run wild! | Ghost Wrangler | http://bit.ly/cowboymario
Now if I could just find that darn key to unlock the mystery! | Sure Lock | http://bit.ly/surelock
This calligram is designed to represent the original character and personality of Sherlock Holmes in an old-style block print. | Man of Many Words | http://bit.ly/manwords
The super sleuth is at it again. With reliable Watson by his side there isn't a case he can't solve! | Hot On The Trail | http://bit.ly/hotontrail
The time is coming to ride skateboards and to dare your friends to do anything! | Double Dog Dare | http://bit.ly/2dogdare
Every time I see the photo of Dali that inspired this design I just keeping seeing him as a cat. Call me crazy if you want! | Catador Dali | http://bit.ly/catadordali
If a cone filled with rainbow sherbet was upside down on your head would you lick it? | So Melty | http://bit.ly/somelty
Inspired by "A Trip to the Moon", the 1902 French silent film. | La Balle dans la Lune | http://bit.ly/moonmario
Is that a ghost? Ruh roh! | Doo | http://bit.ly/doopile
Hungry Hungry Hippo eats Pacman eats power pellet. | Food Chain | http://bit.ly/pelletpower
“Uh, hey, baby... SCHWINGGGGGG!" | Party Time Excellent | http://bit.ly/waynebeavis
Maybe he would have lived longer if he had a trusty laser cat! | Say Hello | http://bit.ly/littlefriend
I want to be stout so I eats me trout! | The Sailor Duck | http://bit.ly/sailorduck
I wonder if the creamy filling tastes like pure evil or chaos. | Minkies | http://bit.ly/minkies
This stubborn guy has some dietary restrictions. | Trendy Duck | http://bit.ly/trendyduck
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