QUICKEY Multi-tool
Quick History of the Quickey
Quickey was introduced on Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform designed to raise money through fundraising campaigns. Quickey shattered their funding goal of $4,000 by over 5,500% at over $221,000 making it the world's most successfully crowdfunded multi-tool ever. 
The Quickey is a simple, yet highly functional product that was born out of necessity. Inventor Chris Hawker, President of Trident Design LLC, was always using his keys to open boxes and mail, but it never worked very well, and he saw an opportunity! There the idea of a key-shaped box-opener was born and adapted into a versatile tool with many special uses.
The Quickey was developed using an iterative design process that started with sketches
and included over a dozen 3D printed and CNC milled prototypes.
Many 3D models were developed in Solidworks and tested as printed ABS prototype
for sizing and effectiveness to dial in the features and refine the aesthetic.
Much design focus was dedicated to the screwdriver end and serrated edge
to maximize its performance while also keeping it safe from causing injury.
The Quickey is made of 304 Stainless steel, die cast and polished.
It is rugged and designed to last a lifetime.
It weighs a mere 20 grams, and it will never rust!
Three designs are available to buy now, get your own at Quickeytool.com!
Attaches easily onto any keychain and fits right in with the rest of your jingle!
Trident is an award-winning design firm and has worked in product categories ranging from housewares and medical devices to simple games and complex industrial equipment. We have a true passion for innovation and specialize in working with inventors and startups.
We love what we do and are excited to produce another one of our own designs.
QUICKEY Multi-tool
Multiple Owners
Matt Seibert