Master Thesis

what_ master of arts project
when_ 2011
where_ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany

mentoring_ Prof. Dr. Frank Heidmann and Prof. Matthias Krohn
special thanks to_ Johanna Steindorf
photos_ Raphael Lucena

Sustainability in the realm of clothing consumption. Clothing carries emotion and is full of stories. How can one connect its wearing phase with these aspects, and extend its life-cycle through cooperation between users and brands as well?

How come that emotions and stories can make a garment valuable for other users as well?
My masterthesis explores our handling with our clothing and its particularities in relation to feelings, use and emotional memories.

Self consumption is clearly shown to the user in an online platform, in accordance to initiatives in the ambit of service design. The project does not expect that people should stop buying clothing, nor that the brands should disclaim its selling strategies, but rather it offers a new business model, which brings advantages for both sides.
Below are some impressions of the project, depicting a bit of the process and the applied methodology, which has lead to the final results showed in the pictures above.
Study about everyday outfits with the color palette extracted from it.
Overview from the garderobe of two potential platform users.
Workshop about clothing and its life cycle with the sketches resulted from it.
Section of a story board depicting how clothing could be discarded after its wearing phase.